Construction Electrical Products


Construction Electrical Products (CEP) is an industry leader in manufacturing Temporary Power Distribution and Portable Lighting, serving the Construction/Industrial markets for more than 25 years.

In addition to our domestic manufacturing, CEP is also an importer, assembler and reseller of a wide variety of specialty electrical products such as: Extension Cords, Light Strings, GFCIs and Wiring Devices. CEP’s extensive offering allows our distributors to support the electrical needs of contractors from the beginning phases of the job to the end. We cover the full spectrum of products from low cost, low end to high quality, high end.

CEP offers technical training manuals, onsite training and over-the-phone technical support to help educate and train our distributors and end-users.

One of CEP’s greatest strengths is our ability to react quickly to the special needs of customers. Our in-house engineer and Custom UL 1640 manufacturing program allow us to build to spec for specific applications to meet the product needs of customers so they can complete the job safely and efficiently. The staff at CEP work constantly to live up to the promise of our mission statement.

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