Mighty Tie


Our mission is to provide the Right Tie, at the Right Price, Right NOW!

We are America’s fastest growing Cable tie provider.  We at Mighty know what you need and we deliver. Product Made in the USA, with local inventory and at a fair price!

Right Tie. Mighty Ties are made right here in the USA.   We understand the worst thing that can happen is to have a tie fail.  Our Ties are manufactured to our standards and we are confident that they are the best Cable ties money can buy.   Our General Purpose nylon is lightweight and high in strength that provides a wide temperature range and is 100% non-toxic.  We use Nylon 6/6 material which is a hydroscopic.  Our UV Stabilized ties offer protection against UV light.  Our Mighty Tighty locking mechanism provides maximum holding power.  Mighty Ties meet many Military and Federal Specifications.

Right Price. Mighty Cable Ties are sold at leading distributors around the USA and Canada.  Mighty Ties are priced competitively and will provide a superior value compared to other products. Support American manufacturing. Buy Mighty!

Right now. Mighty Ties are available at STAFDA and Fastener houses throughout the US.  Our eight Master Marketing Partners have significant inventory available across the country.  We can get product anywhere in the USA in two days.

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