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The focus of our website is to offer information and services that can save our customers and end-users time.  It is not a resume for our company.  If you have an interest in having W.G. Wright & Associates., Inc. market your products please contact us.  Each month we will show a revolutionary product aimed at a time-savings for tradesmen.  We represent the most dynamic and innovative manufacturing companies in the industry.  Many of these new products could change the way that today’s contractors work.  Please check out our internet tool section.  This includes up to date videos including new products and safety tips and best practices.  In 2012 we opened our State of the Art training facility in Portland.  Check on line to see when Safety and product training is planned.    Through our site you may access the ICBO listings, a complete MSDS listing, and On-Line UPS tracking.  Simply plug in your P.O. Number and zip code to track the progress of your order.

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