Relton Corporation began as the Concrete-Termite Drill Company in 1946. The first product was the multiple-carbide, core style, rotary masonry drill bit which quickly became the standard of the industry. Relton has since become the broadest-line supplier of hammer and rotary bits and hole saws. In the late 1950s, Relton added two metal cutting fluids, Rapid Tap® for hard metals and A-9® for aluminum. Relton is now one of the top three suppliers of these fluids in the United States.

Relton’s carbide-tipped hammer drill bits and rotary drill bits are used by the construction trades in the drilling of concrete and other masonry, while the hole saws are used in the cutting of many materials, such as metal, wood, fiberglass, ceramic tile, pipe, and stucco. Relton makes a wide variety of cataloged products, specialty bits, and hole saws to customers’ specifications.

We maintain a high service level — shipping quickly from the broadest line in the business. We produce high-quality products — testing them constantly to ensure that quality. We’re flexible — making the specialty products you need, not only the cataloged items you see here. We’re unique — boasting the only production-grade, long-lasting hole saw line in the world.

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