Climb-N-Go Mobile Scaffolding from Metaltech

The Climb-N-Go was designed to increase worker efficiency, eliminating the need to get off the scaffold to move it. Equipped with a powerful electric motor, it is propelled by the energy of an 18 to 21 volt battery from any one of the six largest brands in the industry. Its wheels are installed on the bottom of the scaffolding and the joystick control sits on the guardrail, or directly on a rung. With the Climb-N-Go, you will be able to move around your work site at height in a safe way. It is compatible with all Metaltech Baker type scaffolding. Lighter and more compact than a scissor lift, the Climb-N-Go does not need a freight elevator to be moved around the job site.

  • The Climb-N-Go allows the scaffolding to be moved without having to descend to move it.
  • The electric motor can be installed on all Metaltech Baker type scaffolds.
  • Compact and easy to transport to a job site.
  • 4,500 feet of battery life on a single battery charge.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Automatic wheel lock safety system.
  • Multidirectional joystick control positionable both on a rung or on a guardrail.
  • Moves on a job site without the need for a freight elevator, unlike a scissor lift.
  • Complies with CSA S269.2-16 and OSHA standards 1926.452(W)

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