ICECUT Mini Magnetic Drilling System from Walter Surface Technologies

The ICECUT MINI™ is the ultimate compact, low-profile magnetic drilling unit for making holes in tight spaces from H-beams to truck frames, and other applications where space may be limited. This unit has a powerful electromagnet for safety while drilling and has a two-inch by two-inch drilling capacity, making it the most versatile unit in its class.

For more information watch the video below, or find the full ICECUT MINI manual here:


  • Lightweight unit
  • Permanent electromagnet for safety and functionality
  • Low profile and compact body allows for making holes in extremely tight spaces
  • Walter’s Dynamax speed control ensures RPM speeds remain constant
  • Accurdrill™ system protects unit from overload and the risk of cutter breakage
  • Largest drilling capacity in its class 250-500
  • No Load RPM

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