New Marshalltown Curved and Battered Gunite Fresnos

Curved and Battered Gunite Fresno Trowels are used when working with gunite or “shotcrete.” Their exposed rivets on the underside provide superior strength. Both designs come with an all-angle swivel attachment. The Curved Blade Gunite Fresno allows for smooth finishing of surface transitions. The Battered Blade Gunite Fresno has sloped (or battered) ends to prevent scoring of applied material. Both fresnos enable quick work of large areas.

  • Quickly finishes large areas of gunite or shotcrete material
  • Round end blade size: 24” x 5”
  • Blade has exposed rivets on the underside for superior strength
  • Comes with an all-angle swivel attachment
  • MARSHALLTOWN handles and adapters sold separately

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